Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ma2ke TV

Ma2ke TV

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Ma2ke TV is an online YouTube channel that features different interaction of individuals and communities by giving them entertainment. We promote real and authentic people giving them time to showcase their talents and be the star in our Ada’s home channel using Cebuano or Bisaya language and we create Bisaya to English subtitles to suit our foreign viewers. We showcase the following on our channel: Ma2ke TV Challenges: We give dares and challenges where concepts come mostly from our viewers like Bisaya jokes or Bisaya pick up lines for our viewers to have katawa (laughter) or bungisngis (laugh out loud) interactions. We look for challengers roaming around Cebu City Philippines and other places. View Playlist: Ma2ke TV Tutorials: We feature tutorials and DIY stuff with demonstration and teach by example to provide an informative and educational message that may be applied to our viewers. View Playlist: Ma2ke TV Ideas: Featuring different kinds of people’s ideas with different personalities, races, and religion, we gather their opinions and views on a particular topic. We are open for shout outs, recommendations, reviewing a specific product and do collaborations View Playlist: Ma2ke TV Travels: We will feature our fun travel adventures and journeys from different places that we go that could be educational and inspirational for our viewers. View Playlist: Ma2ke TV Good Vibes: On our vlogging journey, we are looking for ways on how to help others and doing good vibes like feeding sessions for kids, recycling, community projects, public service announcements and more. View Playlist: Welcome to Ma2ke TV Family an Ada’s Home Channel!

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