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Batil's Food House

Address:  Villa bulsita bulacao , Cebu City, Philippines, 6000

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Discover Batil’s Food House
I’m not a chef by profession, but I’m a chef at heart. I am passionate about cooking.

Family is truly my inspiration. My cooking style has lots of flavors and is very much influenced by it. But I am truly and deeply inspired by my Mama Edith; she is my ever-loving mother who has taught me and molded me to become a notable home cook. Through my mother, I learned to be more creative and confident about making my version of dishes.

While I was sitting outside talking with my childhood friend, I came up with an idea about opening up a hash house right at the Batil Station. For those who are not familiar with the Bisaya language, “Batil” means “to stir” in cooking. Thus, Batil’s Food House was born.

I never thought anything is possible, having a restaurant of my own, doing what I love, and making people smile with the food I serve. So, I invite everyone to try out Batil’s Food House. My restaurant is open for everyone to enjoy and cherish every bite with your loved ones.

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